Who we are

It pays to know which companies don’t

StreetCred is a credit agency built for the goods and services sector – the very first of its kind. We help you find reliable clients by tracking how quickly firms settle their invoices.

We’re all about bringing transparency to the marketplace. Our peer-to-peer system is a completely neutral business tool that reduces risk and helps you do business with confidence. 

StreetCred was born after a well-known company suddenly folded – leaving invoices unpaid and suppliers out of pocket. These suppliers had no idea their money was at risk. And how could they? Traditional credit agencies only track debts to banks and lenders.

When struggling companies feel the pinch they usually pay up to creditors but let their suppliers down. Way down. StreetCred is here to give suppliers and employees the full picture – so they get a better idea of a company’s credit worthiness.

With StreetCred you always know where you stand.